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Exquisite You Bridal Boutique is located in Seaford, East Sussex. Our team welcomes every bride and take pride in offering you the very best service in the relaxed atmosphere of our bridal boutique. Choosing your dress is one of the most enjoyable experiences of your wedding preparations, our team can make this possible by offering a personal and professional service within our beautiful, friendly environment.

Organic Beauty Cosmetics & Bridal Makeup

If you are looking for help with looking great on the big day, we have you covered! We can offer the latest and greatest organic beauty cosmetics and makeup. We always choose these more natural styles of products as there are so many organic cosmetic benefits that will help to feel even greater on your big day!

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Undecided whether to go for a professional makeup artist or do it yourself? Either way, we can provide you with everything you need. We’ve got some of the best makeup artists around available to help you to get ready. If you know someone to do it for you or are doing it yourself, then we can offer a lot of makeup ideas for brides.

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So either way, we are here to help!

Skin Beauty And Lightening For The Big Day

All brides want to look their best on their big day! This often involves a skincare regime starting a few days before the wedding and having professional makeup done on the morning of the day.

To create uneven skin tone even and glowing, skin-brightening products will be an ideal option. If skin-lightening and skin-brightening goods are combined with daily use of a sunscreen rated SPF 30 or more, it is possible to absolutely show a luminous and more tone which will help your skin appear younger as it has in a long time!

Things to expect from a Good Beauty Cream

To begin with, it is important to differentiate between a skin lightener and also a skin brightener. A skin lightening cream is a product which includes hydroquinone as one of its active ingredients. This is known for reducing the appearance of dark spots, and also freckles that result from sunlight with no sunscreen among other causes.

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Skin brightening creams are cosmetics that include ingredients such as different types of Vitamin C, arbutin, mulberry extract, various types of ginger, as well as niacinamide, also called vitamin B3. All four of those ingredients have research demonstrating they can clearly brighten skin and also make it seem to glow –and they tend to work best in conjunction with other cosmetics.

Back to skin lighteners: The most apparent expected result from using a skin lightener is for dark patches to noticeably lighten; should they disappear into being hardly noticeable, that is even better! With after – or twice-daily usage, you should expect a skin-lightening cream with hydroquinone to generate visible results within 2–3 weeks, should you use it regularly. For many users, results appear even earlier.  BUT there are side effects when using these stronger creams, so be very careful!

We fully understand the desire to make those dark areas vanish right away but lightening dark areas safely takes time. To put it in perspective: It required a few years of sun damage for those spots to start showing up, therefore it is reasonable that you will need some patience for them to fade.

Things to expect from a Skin Brightening Cream

Skin brighteners will slowly minimize signs of dullness and noticeably enhance an irregular skin tone, which makes it smoother, more lively, and younger-looking.

Brighteners are usually a combination of the best skin brightening ingredients and may be used alone if darker regions of discoloration are not an issue. But when they are, many want to want to use a skin-lightening cream with hydroquinone. Utilizing both of these sorts of items together (again, with daily sun protection) frequently generates the best results!

You Might Want More Than One For An Even Skin Tone

Unfortunately, even when you’re using a well-formulated skin-lightening lotion with hydroquinone and being diligent about daily sun protection, it is still possible that the dark stains might not improve in a way that you might like. Many discolorations are quite stubborn and therefore they’re slower to react to topical maintenance and require more help.

How to proceed? Think about visiting a dermatologist to examine different choices, but prior to making an appointment, consider including skin-brightening cosmetics to your own routine and see how your skin reacts after a few weeks of usage.

Studies have demonstrated that for many women, a mix of hydroquinone plus brightening components, for example, high-strength vitamin C or a string of Growing plant extracts, does the trick.